NFT Startup Autograph Raises $170 Million in Funding Round 

NFT Startup Autograph Raises $170 Million in Funding Round 

NFT Startup Autograph Raises $170 Million in Funding Round

LFG NFTS corp. which is doing business as Autograph announced that it raised a remarkable $170 million in its Series B funding round led by veteran venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins and Andreessen Horowitz. 

Autograph officially launched last year and has since raised more than $200 million to support its NFT platform. The company was co-founded by Tom Brady, a National Football League star, serial entrepreneur Richard Rosenblatt and Dillon Rosenblatt. 

Since its founding, autograph has set itself apart as a major player in the new and rapidly evolving digital collectibles space. 

Following this funding event, Dillon Rosenblatt, who serves as CEO of Autograph, said the new funding will help the company as it scales its platform. The company will also be in a position to deliver new experiences to its users and expand its range of product offerings. 

We want to enter other verticals in a meaningful way,” he said. “I currently see us as a leader in sports and athlete-based NFTs and I want to do the same in music and entertainment.”

Autograph previously partnered with Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. with Autograph creating a series of NFTs to celebrate Lions Gate’s popular film franchises such as John Wick and The Hunger Games. Autograph is also partnering with DraftKings Inc. a fantasy football and sports betting site to trade Autograph’s athlete-inspired NFTs. 

The company has plans to enter into similar partnerships in the coming months, with the CEO stating that there are plans to work with stars to support the company’s future NFTs and digital merchandise. 

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We’ve built our own system where talent actually signs every NFT they post,” Rosenblatt said. “It’s really exciting because it adds that layer of authenticity that’s really important in Web3.”

Web3 has been a major buzzword in the tech space. It refers to the vision of an internet built on blockchain technology to decentralize online transactions and facilitate transparency in digital sales. 

NFTs are an important part of Web3 which is why venture capitalists such as Andreessen Horowitz are excited about startups in the NFT and Web3 space. NFTs are sold and traded on the blockchain giving owners true ownership of the files they create. It also creates a sense of scarcity which makes these creations unique as collectibles. 

According to Rosenblatt, Web3 and affiliated technologies are an opportunity for fans and creators to interact with digital merchandise from NFT creators such as Autograph. 

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