Why eBay Is Such a Big Market for Crypto Cash

Why eBay Is Such a Big Market for Crypto Cash

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the hottest topic around. So much so that the futures markets have put together very slick and expensive packages to tempt the small investor into dipping their toe if not their foot into the market place.

It does have a certain appeal, just put your trust in someone who knows what they are doing, hand over large wods of cash( its always large amounts) and just collect the spoils at the end of the term.

You could also sign up with one of the big coin exchanges, there are plenty of them about where you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocash using a credit of debit card, for that you have all of the fun instead of letting others have that for you.

Now if you want to do that its fine who am I to tell you otherwise, but did you know that one of the biggest sources of cryptocoins for the small investor is eBay. It did come as a massive shock to me.

Now don’t be lead to believe that you can make a vast fortune here, you see the prices here are very affordable but in comparison to the exchange rate on crypto currencies from a coin exchange its a pretty poor rate.

So why do people buy crypto coins on eBay ?

Well, generally the prices asked are very low just a few pounds or dollars, so that the seller make a profit and the buyer has some coins without spending a “fortune” at a coin exchange.

It’s a strategy that really does suit the nervous investor. As with all investments the advice never changes “never invest more than you can afford to lose,” so you can see why this has a certain attraction.

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So what types of coins are for sale? Well that rather depends on the state of any particular market at any particular time. That sounds like a very vague answer so let me explain.

In 2017 the Bitcoin price literally went bananas, there were hundreds of sellers on eBay trying to cash in on the boom. But then two things happened, the prices carried on rising so the merchants selling Bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies simply hung to their Bitcoin or started to cash in by taking their Bitcoin out.

The second thing was that many of the coin exchanges upped there fees for the transfer of crypto cash out of the exchange (mostly to peoples wallets and to the owners bank accounts bank accounts) with the rise of the value of Bitcoin and the the eye watering fees charged by the exchanges, selling the more popular coins on eBay became uneconomical.

So can you still buy coins on eBay?

Absolutely there are quite a few different coins to be had such as DogeCoin, Electroneum, Verge Coin.

These have quite a low value at the moment so they could be well worth a punt, your outlay is low and one of these coins could take off in a big way just the way that Bitcoin has done. Just imagine paying out just a few pounds or dollars for a coin that goes stratospheric.

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